Pokemon TCG Simplified Chinese Sun & Moon - Wrapping Up Three Years of the TCG in Six Months (March 2023 Update)

This is Part 3 in our coverage of the Pokemon TCG Simplified Chinese release. Previous articles for reference: Part 1, Part 2September 2023 update also available - "Pokemon TCG Simplified Chinese Sword & Shield - Still Catching Up, but Less Frantically (September 2023 Update)".

Didn't think we'd be writing again so soon, but here we are! Last article before we take some time off to rest and travel to Taipei & Singapore at the end of March (obligatory visit to Pokemon Center Singapore in Jewel Changi Airport, to be documented on our newly-created Instagram & TikTok). In today's post we look to provide a quick overview of the March product launches in the world of Pokemon TCG Simplified Chinese for the Mainland China market. 

Three Years in Six Months

Consistent with many previous generations of the TCG, Sun & Moon sets in Japanese & English spanned the three-year period from 2017-2019, during which we saw many hallmark staples of the Sun & Moon era ("Shining" cards, "Shiny GX" cards, "Tag Team GX" cards, CHRs, and much more!). As we enter what is likely to be the final wave of Sun & Moon products for the Simplified Chinese version of the TCG, it's incredible to see how much ground has been covered in a mere six months (!) since original launch in October 2022 - just about everything we could have hoped for!

The Second Expansion - Striking Competition

Released on March 17th, Striking Competition (CSM2.5 C) is the expansion to the second set release. Someone must have received the memo to make the second expansion box art slightly better this time (albeit not by much)! This set fills most of the remaining gaps from Japanese sets Tag Bolt (SM9) through to Tag Team GX All Stars (SM12a) not covered by the second main set. Fan favorites include cards such as Full Art Rosa, and several additional Tag Team GX alternate arts (Charizard anyone?). Bulbapedia placeholder, and chases below.

Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX Gift Box

Also released on March 17th, Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX Gift Box (CSMA C) is a great product to wrap up the Sun & Moon era. Guaranteed grail alt art? Check. A spread of packs from every single Sun & Moon set? Check. More compact format? Check. Understandably a very desirable product, and we're trying our best to keep these available for you!

Shining Pokemon Pokeball Gift Box

The same March 17th release weekend saw not one, nor two, but three (!) product launches. Shining Pokemon Pokeball Gift Box (CSMJ C) was actually supposed to be released in February; however, there were packaging issues preventing on-time release of the product. While we still think the Pokeball packaging is gimmicky and also a sure-fire way to scuff up the contents inside, we hope the extra time taken by Pokemon helped resolve these concerns. As for the contents - Shining Pokemon, need we say more? Given that Shining Legends (both Japanese & English) are basically unattainable today, this is a great way to collect a clean set of Shining Pokemon to round out our Sun & Moon card collections.


To be honest, we're still secretly hoping for more - Battle Day promos (Lillie, Acerola)? Clefairy CHR? Alola Friends from Limited Collection Master Battle Set? That said, even if we bid the Alolan Sun & Moon farewell at this point, the run to date has still exceeded all expectations imaginable. Is there one final bang lined up, or do we turn a new page and find ourselves in Galar starting April? Looking forward to the best of Sword & Shield like Eevee Heroes (including Flareon, Jolteon & Vaporeon in their VMAX alt variants!), and perhaps other Japanese-exclusive goodies (stamp box promos?). Only time will tell, and we will be there to report on it!

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